Shane Kavanagh is a director and cinematographer for films, commercials and music videos, with work spanning across several countries, including China, Hong Kong, Germany, Belgium, France and Australia.

From an early age Shane has had an ability for visual storytelling and a passion for making movies. Raised in outback Australia, Shane pursued his dream from those humble beginnings onto an international stage where he worked as a crew member from low budget independent feature films through to blockbuster movies with A-list talent.

An ideas man with a strong cinematic eye, his camera work on the feature film Forbidden Ground aka Battle Ground, helped it win the ACS Bronze Award NSW/ACT Feature-Cinema from the Australian Cinematographers Society in 2013.

Passionate and supportive, Shane organised and programmed two of the leading genre film festivals in Sydney, for 9 consecutive years. A Night of Horror International Film Festival , and Fantastic Planet Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival. Here he helped discover new talents from all over the world.

Shane is a full member of the NSW branch of the Australian Cinematographer’s Society (ACS).